Flora II is a Bavaria 46 Cruiser.


Flora is avibele in Stockholm’s archipelago as long there is no ice for:

  • Sailing with skipper
  • Education in navigation
  • Education in saling


Different combinations are available.

Even personal education on your own boat is possible.

Flora II can take 12 passengers. If you are more people, we work together with many other skippers, they have:

Bavaria 46 Cruiser, Bavaria 47, Bavaria 40 Cruiser and Dufor Grand Large 485.

Of course we adapt the trip to your wishes, but this is an examples of a full-day program:

Start from Stockhlm city or other place agreed.

Snack with the screening of the boat and safety

Approximately 3-4 hours of sailing to a nice island for lunch

Lunch break at one of the archipelago restaurants, or on the boat

Approximately 3-4 hours of sailing back or other place agreed.


Even longer trips are possible, please contact us for more information.



All prices are in EUR and incklude VAT. The price includes the boat trip and return, with a skipper, refreshments and coffee with accessories.


Full day 1 600

Half day at 0800 to 1300 1 200

Half day at 1330 to 1930 1 200


If you book before the launch in April, we give a 10% discount.


For longer trips, please ask for prices.




You can call us: +46736 400 418



General conditions



In connection with the reservation will be charged a booking fee of 200 EUR charged in connection with the payment in full. The deposit is not refunded at a possible cancellation. However, it is perfectly possible to book on an already made reservations in the same year. There is no extra charge. Full payment must be made no later than 14 days before the current day of sailing.

Canceled events

If the arrangement must be set by because of the weather, for example, which pose a danger for participants, or for other reasons, refunded fees paid in full to the customer.


If the arrangement is set

by the customer more than 14 days before the agreed departure of funds refunded minus the booking fee. Made the arrangement in a shorter time before an agreed departure date will be charged the full amount.

Satisfied customer – Guarantee

Should a customer after the event, declaring themselves dissatisfied with this, and show that is responsible therefor, repaid funds paid in proportion to dissatisfaction. Should a customer after the participation declare itself satisfied with every detail, and show that this is reasonable, then refunded the full amount. 's responsibility are not responsible for delays or diversions of the route that has arisen as a result of bad weather, the ship unseaworthy or damage, local authorities forced or delay, or other involuntary and unforeseen event outside 's control. not responsible for housing costs elsewhere than the ship or returning with other travel agents, if the journey is hampered by the same reasons as above.

Customer responsibility

If the customer against the instruction given by the captain or the designated personnel on board causing damage to the ship, by negligence or intent, the customer is responsible for the damage to the vessel.Customer is not responsible for SEADAMAGED such as grounding, shipboard orientation, etc


References and feedback from our customers


During May-June, a total of 5 training courses conducted for passports for Medborgarskolan and 1 st för E-Navigation. All participants have expressed that they were very satisfied and they learned a lot. References available and provided on request.


On 24-25 May, a charter sailing with the Scoreline. They expressed that they were very happy with everything. References can be provided.


On May 26, a charter sailing with the management team from Rotsunda rektorsområde i Sollentuna. They wrote after the race:


"Thank you for a great sailing 'References available and provided upon request.


On June 4, a day trip with a group from the International Program Office, we were a total of 6 boats.Those who sailed with me said that they were very happyand impressed by race.


On September 5-7, the T 2 Data in Kista a 3-day sailingtrip with its entire staff about 30 people. rented additional 2 boats for this mission, Peters 46 foot Bavaria and Håkans Najad 440. Sailing was preceded by navigation training on T 2 Data's office with about 50% of the staff.The theme for the 3-day tour was navigation training and education in addition to sailing adventures and to socialize with their peers They wrote after the race:


"Lars, and a big thanks for the perfect sailing weekend,We are all here at T2 agreed on. "References available and provided upon request.


After sailing tour has taken the 8 driver's certificate with Håkan as a test leader.Subsequently, 6 continued its navigation training with the coastal ship course.All All courses conducted at their office.

Chartersailing offers scenic sailing tours in the Stockholm archipelago

Sail green on the blue sea through Stockholm's spectacular archipelago.

Breathe the fresh sea air, visit the beautiful islands and enjoy local delicious food.

Our reliable, experienced and service minded skippers navigate their own

perfectly maintained yachts. They guarantee a safe, enjoyable journey.

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